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Cosmetic Online to give a fresh look to the way that users find beauty salons that match their needs.

We’re committed to go-source beauty salons, beauty products, and services as well as events and jobs for the sector. So, we are here to make difference with a simplest and smooth experience.

Our site is built on users and customers needs,  and we would take your advice very seriously. Making the site specifically for you means that we need hear your opinion. to compensate for your cooperation, we offer you a FREE listing and Social Media Management Services for up to 30 days. E-mail us here if you are interested.

Although BEAUTY DIRECTORY is young, this should not put you off to list your salon, as visitors will find you better with less competition.

Why Cosmetic Online?

We went around and asked people, what makes them, to decide one or another salon, and we found that most of the people would like to see what actually salons are experts on, and they did not get that, just with the simple images of salon chair

We soon realized that we could help to the industry and users with what we’re passionate about. SM, SEO, SEM. While products on Packages are sometimes good, we also recognize that for customers are sometimes inconvenient.

When we shopping around for a beauty treatment, most of us usually looking for a single service or two, In that meaning, when we do manicure we maybe do also pedicure, or we maybe go for Facial and a massage, but is very improbable that we all have time and financial resources to be at the salon the whole day, until there is a very special occasion.

Tag Line: Helping to beauty professionals to deliver beauty! is an Online business directory aim to be at the top of business listings with a new concept of promote beauty business.

Adding a Salon promotion with is easy, functional and attractive and dynamic.

Easy: Adding your own images or videos as if you do in any social media post.

Functional: All the best bits of your business (images, videos, contact details with business location and opening hours) will be on a webpage. Salon owners will be able to add and updated listing promotions from any device.

Attractive: What you do is more important than where. A display of your images well be up front.

Dynamic: Change the listing promotions at any time, as many times you want and from any device.

Economic: There is not adding Fees for bookings, delays or bugs between middleman and your business. Any Bookings will go directly to you!